Internet of Things and Blockchain

We use Distributed Ledger Technology to secure data transfer between Internet of Things devices. From smart home to smart city, our solutions efficiently manage and optimize energy consumption for solar panels, large scale battery storage and electric vehicles, street lighting, parking, waste management and public transport information systems. We integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into the Internet of Things and use data analytics to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance workplace safety. We provide supply chain optimization and real-time tracking system (inventory, orders, and transportation). We create a personalised in-car infotainment system that extends traditional driving experiences.

AI integration in home automation and smart urban planning to create interconnected ecosystems for more efficient and sustainable urban living.

Leveraging the power of connected technologies to enhance traditional manufacturing processes (link people, processes, and advanced technology).

Dashboard to view and control the flow of goods and services across multi-locations business and to make fast and data-backed decisions.

Leveraging the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to improve driving safety (road conditions, traffic congestion, potential hazards and emergency assistance).