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Most engineers acknowledge that engineering is the application of science to solve society’s problems. As we all know, we do have a lot of problems in Africa. So if you still thinking of what is the story behind this firm, ask yourself, what kind of engineer walks away from his or her own society’s problems to help solving someone else’s problems? In short, you get the story… and we had to cut out…

Our History


Africa always puts humans first, and this is exactly what African engineering is about; that is, always engineer solutions for the benefit of all. From pyramids to modern engineering, not only we provide the best engineering solutions but also ensure that any engineer anywhere in the world will also be able to provide equal or superior solutions.

Our Vision


Our mission is simple, send German engineering into the closet. So fellow Africans, let show the world how Ramesses II, Piye, Shaka Zulu, Behanzin, Menelik II, and others used to engineer solutions. In the end, our long term objective is to actively contribute to the development of engineering on the beautiful continent – Africa.

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