Environmental Engineering Simulators

We provide AI simulations for Canadian Standard Association (CSA) and Ontario Regulations assessments and compliances. We develop AI applications to reliably simulate phase 1 of environmental site assessment (CSA Z-768/01 – O.REG. 153/04) of commercial and industrial properties – historical research analysis and satellite images processing are performed to determine if more action is necessary. Our environmental engineering tools also include generative AI that facilitate the submission of a complete environmental compliance approval – checklist for technical requirements.

Prediction of future assessments dates based on real-time IoT sensors monitoring (indoor air quality and humidity levels).

Development of AI models to assess air quality and noise impacts on the environment (industrial, commercial, transportation, residential).

Automated review of documents and reports to make informed, practical, and cost-effective decisions.

AI generated reports on emissions, dispersion modelling, and acoustic assessment as well as mitigation control plans.