Artificial Intelligence and Identity Access Management

We combine Artificial Intelligence with Identity Access Management into CCTV to deliver cutting-edge surveillance systems. We also use machine learning to study normal behavior patterns so that unusual activities can be spotted. Our AI algorithms analyse huge data from smart devices, video surveillance integrations, and access logs to improve accuracy, security, and user experience. Deep learning methods are used to develop complex and advanced facial recognition system with unique features. We implement enterprise computer vision in robotics for our manufacturing applications (interpret and understand position within space and time to automate physical tasks).

Incorporation of computer vision in smart devices connected to a centralised system for advanced monitoring and accurate alerts.

Advanced algorithms to identify potential security threats and enable personalised touchless access features.

Automated face recognition that uses 3D sensors and thermal cameras for fast and accurate identification of a person.

Combination of computer vision, natural language processing, and physics for manufacturing and automation industry.